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Maribeth Kuzmeski, MBA, CSP, is the author of 6 books including …And The Clients Went Wild! and The Connectors (John Wiley & Sons), and is a frequent national media contributor and international speaker. Maribeth and her firm Red Zone Marketing, Inc., consult and train businesses from financial services firms to Fortune 500 corporations on strategic marketing planning and business growth. She has personally consulted with some of the world’s most successful CEO’s, entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Maribeth is also very involved in charity and started her own foundation supporting youth leadership and education, The Red Zone Leadership Foundation. She has a degree in journalism from Syracuse University and an MBA from The George Washington University. Maribeth lives in the Chicago, IL area with her husband and 2 teenagers.

Lizzie Kuzmeski is a teenager and a natural connector. She enjoys theatre, horseback riding and, yes, Facebook.





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Your Kids Have Their Facebook Skills Down Pat. But It’s Their Face-to-Face Skills That Will Matter Most In the Future.

Email. Texting. Social media.
These tools are changing
the way an entire generation interacts.

They encourage faceless, fragmented communication
and shallow relationships.
And yet, increasingly, our global economy rewards only those who can engage, connect, persuade and hold crucial conversations
—the antithesis of what kids practice every day. 


Of course, technology is here to stay (and in many ways that’s a good thing). But it doesn’t have to shape how your kids experience their most critical relationships.  As a parent, you can foster the critical “connecting” skills that so often get neglected in the Internet Age.  In this thought-provoking book, Maribeth Kuzmeski explains how you can help them:

  • Develop the empathy they’ll need
    to become true connectors

  • Master the lost art of curious listening

  • Cultivate critical leadership and problem-solving skills

  • Write clearly and persuasively

  • Speak to individuals and groups with confidence

  • Use day-to-day events—from ordering meals to making appointments to selling school fundraising items—as opportunities to practice connecting

Plus, Maribeth’s teenage daughter Lizzie contributes several chapters aimed at helping kids communicate with their parents and form stronger bonds with peers and adults.

 The Engaging Child helps you give the people you love the skills they’ll need the most—those that will help them grow into happy, confident, successful adults.

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Inside the Engaging Child

We all want to know the “secret” to a successful life—no one more so than parents. It’s only natural to want to give the people you love most the best possible shot at success and happiness.  Well, I don’t believe there is a magic bullet that will eradicate failure and transform your life—or your children’s lives—into a long series of wins. But I do know there’s one powerful trait that opens doors, smooth paths, and create opportunities: the ability to engage and connect with others.

Being a connector has always paved the way to success. But back when the world was round—just a couple of decades ago, really—it was probably a “nice to have” rather than a “must have.” In an ever more flat global economy, the ability to connect and engage isn’t optional. It’s a survival skill.

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